Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2018

    1. Animations For the last several years, different types of animations have seen greater and greater popularity in modern design. A few recent innovations make them easier for web sites in 2018. They require less bandwidth, less processing power, and load much faster. One such effect, “particle backgrounds” consist of java script in […]

Web Design Trends to Watch For in 2018

Vibrant Color Schemes When Google came out with Material Design in 2014, it pushed the boundaries of what web designers had been willing to do up to that point, especially when it came to color. Thanks to the success we’ve seen with Material Design and what it’s enabled designers to do with bright colors in a controlled […]

The Architectural Digest Design Show (ADDS) announces four days of programming curated for the design trade and the public, taking place March 22–25, 2018. Hosted at the main stage on the show floor, the two-part program on The Dacor Stage features exclusive seminars with more than 30 industry visionaries. Architectural Digest hosts the first series of talks exclusively for design trade on March 22, followed by three days of immersive conversations […]

Top JavaScript Trends to Watch

Let’s get straight to the good stuff: This time last year, not many had faith that Vue would ever become a big competitor to React when it comes to company adoption, but it was impossible to ignore Vue this year, even sending Angular into the shadows in terms of developer hype. As we look ahead to 2018, we’re about […]

programming languages to learn in 2018

Phyton is on the rise Python is a general-purpose programming language used for web development and as a support language for software developers. Its popularity is driven by the continued growth and demand for machine learning developers, because is widely used in that area, as in scientific computing and data mining. Because uses indents instead […]

The Most Popular Programming Language-Tech

Developer Trends To Watch Out For As one the most prominent resources on the internet for developers, StackOverflow gives a good account of the trends in the developer community. Their annual developer survey sheds light on what technologies are most popular in the dev world, what roles are most satisfactory, what they look for in a job, and […]

Most Popular Lists Featuring Jobs

  Along with ambitious resolutions destined to fail, every New Year promises Top 10 lists published by every blog and media outlet, summarizing the top trends of the previous year and predicting new ones to come (we’re guilty of this ourselves… and have no shame about it either). One such topic you may have seen […]

Most advanced Web Technology trends

1. Bots become standard UX Bots are here, they’re learning — and in 2017, they might eat the web, If you sign up for a new Slack account, a so-called Slackbot welcomes and on-boards you. The Slackbot not only asks you for your name (which is then automatically saved in your slack account) but for some […]